1. Who is allowed to submit?
  2. When can I submit?
  3. How often can I submit/how much?
  4. What can be submitted?
  5. Submission Criteria
  6. Publication Agreement.

1. You must be a JMU undergraduate student to submit work to Reduced Pulp. We accept work from all years and majors.

2. To make sure your work is considered, please send it to us within the first two weeks of the month. We try to publish student work during the third week of every month.

3. There is no limit to how often or how much material you can submit! Just be aware that if you submit your work anytime after the first two weeks of the month, your piece will not be considered for publication until the next month.

4. With few exceptions, RP will take any creative work you have. This includes written word (essays, short stories, poetry, plays), visual art (short film, illustrations, photography), and audio (music and podcast) pieces. If what youve created doesnt fit into any of those categories, try submitting it anyway; it may end up on our Odds & Endspage.

5. Submission Criteria

Please make sure your work adheres to the following submission criteria before you submit it!

Written Word
Please copy and paste your piece into the body of your email, or attach it as a Word document. PDF and Pages files will not be accepted for formatting reasons. Include your name in the body of your email, as well as what type of Written Word submission your piece is (screenplay, stage play, poetry, essay, short story).

Written Word submissions that exceed 3,000 words will not be considered for publication.

Visual Art
For short film submissions, attach a Vimeo or YouTube link to your submission email. Your short film submission cannot exceed 10 minutes in length. Include the title of the film in the body of your email, as well as the names of all those responsible for its production.

Make sure all other visual art submissions (photography, illustrations) are sent to us as JPEGs or TIFFs with 330 pixels per inch resolution or higher. Please let us know in your email what kind of Visual Art submission your work is (photography, illustration, short film).

For music and podcast submissions, please send an email with a YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or Dropbox link. Please include your name(s) in the body of the email, as well as the title of your audio piece. The cut-off time for music submissions is 5 minutes; for podcasts, its 10 minutes. Audio submissions that exceed these limits will not be considered for publication.

Odds & Ends
If you have work that doesnt fit any of the above categories, make sure to submit it in an email with the subject line Odds & Ends. Include your name in the body of the email, as well as a description of your submission. 


  1. Publication Agreement

By submitting to Reduced Pulp, you are agreeing that you are a JMU undergraduate student, and that your work is original and solely created by you. It is mandatory that you receive permission from all members of a production team to submit any pieces that were not done exclusively by one person.

If we discover at any point that a piece was plagiarized from another source, submitted without the permission of its creators, or submitted by someone who was not an undergraduate JMU student, we will retract the piece to the best of our ability. We retain the right to ban any person from submitting to our magazine if they break any of the above agreements.

By sending in your work, you are giving Reduced Pulp permission to publish your work on our website, as well as on various social media by our staff members. The copy right of your piece will still belong to you, and no matter where we publish it, we will attribute it to you, your pen name, or the group that created it.
We retain the right to reject submissions for any reason, and to make minor changes to manuscripts.
For layout and design purposes, we retain the right to slightly adjust audio and visual art submissions.

Please send your submissions to
For video submission and large files, please send us a Vimeo, YouTube, or Dropbox link.