Mr. Sandman

May 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Mr. Sandman,

Come blow me a kiss.

I wish to remember

How to drift.


Insomnia has consumed

My imagination.


Flashes zoom by,


The sky tries

To make illusion

Of Night.


I’m no fool, yet

I lie to imagine


Leaping Stars,


Eating the Moon.


The flocks’ overhead,

Mind’s in a jumble.

All in all is a riddle,

I just gotta go to bed.


I Daze at the clock.

Recall my luck.

I’ve swam in waters,

Where Romans have drowned.


The shadows cling

To the walls.

If I sleep

I can battle them all,

Safe and sound.


Rainbows and unicorns

Await me,

Gathering butterflies,

Should fulfill my dreams.


But reality tears

At each seam.

I’m in a lull,

Awaken me.

About the Author

Florence Babatunde

Guest contributor