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an online arts magazine, here to provide James Madison University students with a monthly electronic outlet to showcase student work within the realm of media, literary, and theatre arts. Reduced Pulp's focus is to validate all genres of creative expression from the JMU student body, and to do so on a frequent basis. Reduced Pulp's staff will be responsible for weekly content, so as to keep the site humming with fresh energy while audience submissions pend.

Grace Vaughan

Co-Founder & Editor
Reduced Pulp is the greatest achievement, thus far, of Grace’s megalomaniac ego. Power hungry from logging countless hours into the artificial reality Zoo Tycoon at age 9 and later running a lemonade stand for two hours before she got too hot, Grace hasn’t stopped in her atmospheric rise to the top. Her latest plot to run a collegiate publication has finally come to fruition. Grace is a STAD /SCOM double major, with concentrations in theatre performance and public relations. She spends her free time co-hosting the WXJM radio show AstroMoms, watching Bollywood films from the 80’s, and directing children and young adult summer theatre at the New Heights Theatre Company in Loudoun County.

Grace is the co-founder and current co-editor in chief of Reduced Pulp.

Sydney Thier

Co-Founder & Co-Editor
Sydney Esther Thier is a writer of words, animal sweater enthusiast and self-proclaimed raging feminist.

As a junior SMAD Journalism/Independent Scholars Storytelling double major with minors in Creative Writing/Music Industry/Women’s and Gender Studies, Sydney enjoys taking at least thirty credits a semester and has banned sleep from her daily routine. Her favorite past times include petting dogs, writing parody sketches about Bernie Sanders and shouting
‘Matriarchy rising like a loaf of warm bread,’ from the highest of heights. Her future goal is to be the show runner of her own original TV series along with ruler of the world.

Sydney is the cofounder and current co-editor in chief at Reduced Pulp.

Logan Brown

Editor, writer, & Reduced Pulp’s mascot (picture it… We’ll wait.)
As a senior Theatre and Dance student and general disappointment to his father, Logan gives a new meaning to ‘old dogs, new tricks.’ By that we mean he tricked a bunch of old dogs into relative sapience, and demanded they give him feedback on his creative works—aptly explaining the following manifesto we tried to obtain from him while he was eating garbage in a Shoney’s parking lot: “Woof, woof! Arrrrggghhh ARRRGGHHH.” Logan’s favorite thing is comedy at the physical expense of others. Furthermore, his favorite romantic activity is watching geese attacks on YouTube. He seems excited to begin his journey with Reduced Pulp, but it might be the typhus fever getting to him. If you wish to contact Logan, place a bowl of golden berries outside your front door.

Rob Condas

Writer & Editor
Rob Condas is a sophomore at James Madison University, and is currently pursuing a B.A. in theatre. His fashion sense has been described of that of a “hipster Mr. Rogers,” which he begrudgingly does not dispute.

He hopes to someday run a creepy old book shop that disappears the day after you buy one of its mysterious items. His position at Reduced Pulp is that of editor and writer.

Tatum Conner

Writer & Editor
Tatum Conner is a junior SMAD and English double major at JMU. She is currently working for JMU’s Madison Union on their Technology and Design department’s writing staff, creating content for the University Union’s website and blog. Tatum is also a social media intern at The Lisanby Museum in Festival located in East Campus, where she provides ad campaigns for the museum. She created and maintains the museums blog, “Keeping Up With the Lisanby”.
Tatum’s hobbies include writing poetry, short fiction and painting. At Reduced Pulp, Tatum acts as editor and writer. Tatum’s favorite quote is from Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, “Words are like X-rays if you use them properly—they’ll go through anything. You read them and you’re pierced.”

Taylor Herndon

Writer & Editor
Taylor is a sophomore theatre and SMAD: digital video cinema double major who is STOKED to be working with Reduced Pulp. She overuses to word “nifty,” and is a firm believer that Kevin was the superior Jonas Brother.

When not doing theatre/SMAD things, she can likely be found studying Chinese, taking pictures, stalking the quad cats, or thinking of a witty tweet. In the future, she hopes to act, travel, and break the world record for the most coffee dates in one week. She is so excited to share her love of the arts with JMU & you can follow along with her on twitter at @freckleface_tay.

Shelby Imes

Writer & Editor
Shelby is a junior double major in English and Media Arts & Design, with a concentration in journalism. She’s got a knack for anything and everything related to R&B heartthrob Ginuwine, and an addiction to Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos.

When Shelby isn’t recording podcasts or doodling in her dream journal, she can be found defending her title for “most realistic fart noise out of a mouth” with her buds over at New & Improv.’d. An adventurer at heart, you’ll usually see Shelby snapping candids and talking to random people at public gatherings. She’s a writer, editor and illustrator for JMU’s feminist zine, Sister Speak, and now kicks it with the brilliant folks at Reduced Pulp as a writer and editor.

Follow Shelby on Twitter and Instagram @shelbyimes to keep up with her artistic (but mostly silly) antics.

Julia Lewis

Writer & Editor
Julia is a junior Media Arts and Design major with a concentration in Digital Video and Cinema
pursuing minors in sociology and creative writing. When she isn’t writing dance-heavy sketch
comedy and managing the PR for Maddy Night Live, she’s adding commas to other people’s writing as a copy-editor for HerCampus JMU. Though her current career goal is to write for television, her varied interests (including poetry, layout design, and creative essay-writing) keep her in a fun state of uncertainty about the future.

She has been the recipient of the Blanche Garrett Memorial Endowment and the Madison Screenwriting Scholarship, both within the School of Media Arts and Design. Julia is a writer and editor for Pulp.

Tabby Sawyer

Writer & Editor
A sophomore double-majoring in English and Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication, Tabby can usually be found yelling. She’s on the executive boards for both Maddy Night Live and The Madisonians, and works as a barista for the on-campus Starbucks. She grew up in Virginia Beach, but no, she does not know how to surf. That’s a hurtful stereotype.

Tabby’s not entirely sure what she wants to do with her life, but she’s narrowed it down to either being an especially funny politician or an unusually political comedian. Either way, she knows she wants to do exactly what she’s doing now: write, drink too much coffee, and be angry.

Tabby also writes for The Odyssey and The Tab JMU. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @tabisaurus_ !

Sky Wilson

Writer & Editor
Sky is a sophomore theatre and SCOM double major. Her major areas of interest include glitter, feminism, Seinfeld, and Twitter. She credits Amy Poehler as her biggest inspiration.

In addition to writing for Reduced Pulp, Sky is the Media Manager of Stratford Players, the student-producing organization in the theatre department, works as the School of Theatre and Dance library assistant, and is a member of the JMU Honors College.

Sky was the recipient of the 2017 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region 2, Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy Award. She may be returning to the Kennedy Center in April to compete at the national level.

You can find Sky’s feminist rants and attempts at being funny on her Twitter, @hskywilson.

Erin Moore

Web Designer + GIF Enthusiast
Unable to calm the eager-beaver within, Erin bid adieu to JMU’s SMAD department half-way through her sophomore year. #Blessed with her camera, an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, big-ears, and a passion for storytelling, she’s worked coast to coast with companies from GoPro in San Francisco to DC tech-incubators on various branding and marketing initiatives.
These days, she prefers to work with smaller organizations where it’s easier to monitor her impact (and listen to This American Life while she works). By day she runs a niche marketing agency helping yoga studios build their communities and erase trite marketing from the fitness industry. By night, you can find her setting up websites like this one for her dear friends, teaching a yoga class, or cooking another friendsgiving meal (which should be a monthly– not annual, occasion).
If you want to win her heart, send her a GIF. Erin loves GIFS.

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